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In March 2017, the “EPC System Phase II Project Launching Meeting” of Zhongyuan was successfully held.

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  On the morning of March 07, 2017, the “EPC General Contract Management Information System Phase II Project Launching Meeting” jointly organized by Zhongyuan Company, Dassault Systèmes and Antuo Company was successfully held in Zhongyuan Group of CNNC Group. Party Secretary and CIO Liu of Zhongyuan Company Mr. Song Fengwei,

  On the morning of March 07, 2017, the “EPC General Contract Management Information System Phase II Project Launching Meeting” jointly organized by Zhongyuan Company, Dassault Systèmes and Antuo Company was successfully held in Zhongyuan Group of CNNC Group. Party Secretary and CIO Liu of Zhongyuan Company Mr. Song Fengwei, deputy general manager of Binyuan and Zhongyuan Company, and general manager of overseas “Hualong No.1” project, Duan Hui, deputy general manager of Zhongyuan Company, Liu Tonglong, vice president of Dassault Systèmes China, Wang Yihua, chairman of Anto Company, and leaders of project team implementation team Participate in the meeting and deliver a speech.

Dassault System Manager Yu (first from the left) introduces the second phase of the project

  At the meeting, Song Fengwei, deputy general manager of Zhongyuan Company, hosted the meeting and introduced the participants and summarized and affirmed the first phase of the EPC General Contract Management Information System (hereinafter referred to as “Information System”) and the second phase of the project. Outlook. General Song said that the information system project is the need of Zhongyuan Company to build the core competitiveness of the future enterprise. Although the information system is from scratch, due to the close cooperation between Zhongyuan, Dassault and Anto, since the system was officially launched in August last year, The overall operation is good. For the advantages brought by the information system, Song emphasized three points. First, the electronicization of the project information enables the staff to easily and quickly query all the data and documents related to the project, such as design drawings and on the same platform. The design changes have avoided the inconvenience and mistakes caused by the original paper documents and manual operations. Second, the communication between the Central Plains and the contractor has been greatly improved. Now the Central Plains and the construction party work together on one platform. The submission of the construction plan and the change of the construction site can be communicated through the platform. Third, and most importantly, the retention of structured data makes all activities of the nuclear power plant have Record this, which provides guidance for the implementation of future projects. For the second phase of the project, Song hopes to further improve the system stability and user experience.

  Next, Manager Yu of Dassault Systèmes gave a detailed introduction to the planning of the second phase of the project, including the objectives, scope of implementation, project organization and master plan, project quality control, project communication mechanism and recent work. . In order to ensure the smooth progress of the second phase of the project, in addition to the adjustment of the organization of the project, such as increasing the participation of the project backbone and business departments, and fully taking into account the quality control of the project during the project design phase, to ensure the quality of the project Provides adequate preparation.

An Yi Group President Wang Yihua (first from left) delivered a speech

  After that, Liu Tonglong, deputy general manager of Dassault Systèmes, Wang Yihua, president of Anto Group, and Duan Hui, deputy general manager of Zhongyuan Company, respectively expressed the importance attached to Dassault Systèmes, Anto and Zhongyuan, and the prospects for later work.

  Liu Bin, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhongyuan Company, said that the launch of the second phase of the project illustrates the success of the first phase of the project from another perspective. The information platform of the nuclear power industry is ready to use and is a practical project. This project is for the Central Plains or Dassault and Security. It is indeed a big challenge. The successful launch of this project fully reflects the strength of Dassault and Anto and the contribution to the “Belt and Road”.

  At the end of the meeting, Deputy General Manager Song Fengwei of Zhongyuan Company concluded that the life cycle of a standard system to measure the success of the information system is long. Zhongyuan Company hopes to cooperate with Dassault and Anto to build a high-quality information system for the nuclear power industry, and congratulate the successful launch of the second phase of the project!

Dassault System Manager Yu (left) and Deputy General Manager of Zhongyuan Company Song Fengwei (right)

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