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In December 2016, congratulations on the Anto Group's presence in Lumen Aviation Town, Jingdezhen

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  Recently, Shanghai Anto Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Antuo) officially signed into the Lumen Aviation Town of Jingdezhen.

  Recently, Shanghai Anto Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Antuo) officially signed into the Lumen Aviation Town of Jingdezhen.

  Jingmen Town Lumeng Aviation Town was established on the basis of the existing helicopter industry in Jingdezhen under the correct leadership and high level of the provincial party committee and provincial government of Jiangxi Province. The town is positioned as “a domestic first-class, internationally renowned aviation characteristic town”, which will be in accordance with the working principles of “Changfei, 602 brands, government platforms, market mechanisms” and “enterprise layout of the world and international competition”. Focus on the development of aviation machine R&D and manufacturing, aviation component manufacturing, aviation culture tourism and comprehensive service industry, and become the aviation industry highland of assembly and supporting, integration of manufacturing and operation, aviation industry cluster contiguous, and production city integration development. . AVIC Changhe Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. is the leading enterprise in the park. The first phase of the company's helicopter assembly park project is one of the most important projects in the town.

Figure 1: Location of Lumen Aviation Town, Jingdezhen

  Changfei Industry is a backbone enterprise of China's aviation industry and a research and production base of Chinese helicopters. It now has the largest helicopter production capacity in China and has become one of the world's leading helicopter manufacturers with a relatively complete tonnage series. In order to support the development of the company, Changfei Industry has always regarded enterprise information construction as a key development project since its establishment. After years of research and exploration, Changfei Industry has a set of software products with completely independent intellectual property rights and adapting to the characteristics of domestic aviation manufacturing. As a partner of Changfei Industry for many years, Shanghai Anto has played an important role in the construction of Changfei Industrial Informationization.

Figure 2: Distribution of four major industrial areas in Lumen Aviation Town, Jingdezhen

  The aviation field has always been one of the key development areas of the Anto Group. It has successfully designed and implemented major projects such as MBD-based collaborative design systems, digital prototype review, 3D industrial design platform and design and manufacturing integration. The successful entry into the Lumen Aviation Town of Jingdezhen was supported by the Jingdezhen Municipal Government and Changfei Industry, demonstrating the high recognition of the Anto Group in the aviation field information construction. In the future, Lumen Aviation Town of Jingdezhen will become an important platform for Anto Group to serve customers in the aviation field. The Anto Group will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of “from beginning to end, peace of mind” to provide customers with more professional PLM services.

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